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FollowtheMoney .com Review
                                                   By Mike Forsyth
Is A FollowtheMoney.com Membership Worth It?
Will You Actually Make Money With A FollowtheMoney.com Membership?
(Even If You Have Never Traded Stocks Before)
Anything that involves real money, penny stocks or stock trading is always questionable for its legitimacy. Today we’ll be looking into Jerry Robinson’s FollowtheMoney.com website and trading education...

I hope to shed some light on whether his services are actually a good investment or if you should take your hard earned money elsewhere. So is FollowtheMoney.com a legitimate place to learn trading? Or is it yet another get-rich-quick scam?

We can find the answers to these questions from my unbiased FollowtheMoney review. My disclaimer is I only review products I use or I believe in. 

As I begin, here’s my question to you. Would you like to be your own boss, work from anywhere you want, and make good money?
I believe FollowtheMoney.com can teach you new income ideas, trading skills, and prepare you for the unexpected which allows you do exactly that.  

What I found is FollowtheMoney.com is a true community with like minded people and everyone is there to help you along. 

So lets begin.

What is FollowtheMoney.com?
Source:  FollowtheMoney.com Homepage
FollowtheMoney.com is a fiercely independent investment research firm led by Christian economist, investor, and best-selling author, Jerry Robinson. 

Their nationwide team of financial experts boast a combined 203 years of experience in the financial markets.

Since 2010, more than one million FollowtheMoney.com readers and premium members from around the globe have enjoyed our profitable and cutting-edge investing insights.

Who is Jerry Robinson?
Source:  FollowtheMoney.com 
Jerry Robinson is an economist, veteran trend trader, best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur. Jerry also has a passion for researching and teaching the Bible.

Jerry’s book, Bankruptcy of Our Nation provides an eye-opening critique of America’s debt-based economic system. He has regularly appeared on popular radio and television programs and has lectured to audiences in the U.S. and around the globe.

In 2012, Jerry Robinson uprooted his family from the suburbs of Houston, Texas and now lives a more sustainable (about 80% off-the-grid) lifestyle in the beautiful Ozark mountains in Northwestern Arkansas.

Jerry Robinson has spoken at conferences, universities, and organizations all around the globe for more than a decade.

Jerry has a long list of interviewing guests at FollowtheMoney.com

Just some of his interviews include:

Sen. Rand Paul
Jim Rogers
Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad)
G. Edward Griffin (Creature From Jekyll Island)
Steve Forbes
Greg Boyd
Sen. Bob Graham
Jim Rickards
Tracy Mayer
Gerald Celente

Additional Trading Staff:

Steve Penny 

He Is a part-time Trend Analyst who also works as a mentor at FollowtheMoney.com. He is a technical analysis based trader and analyses potential trades using daily support and resistance levels. Creating marketing funnels for passive income is his specialty. He is also an Commercial Airline and Air Force pilot.

My Perspective of Jerry Robinson and FollowtheMoney.com
From my experience as a FTM member I learned that Jerry NEVER makes outlandish trading predictions

He tells you right up front that learning to trade is hard work and takes time to learn. If you are coachable he can teach you. He makes trading easy and fun to learn with education for all different skill levels.  

I find that Jerry does pick big winners and he also shows you the losers that don't workout.  He has a systematic approach to trading and shares his proprietary platform with his subscribers called TrendTrakker. He uses a momentum trading style that exploits the trend of a stock. He trades all global equity markets, currency, precious medals, and even crypto currency. 

If your like me and have a day job, this is the trading style for you. Jerry mostly swing trades and position trades. Trading time frames mostly include weekly, monthly, and yearly trades. Occasional he throws in Option trading ideas too. This type of trading works around my job and is not stressful like day trading. 

If you are looking to trade unicorn penny stocks and want to try to get wealthy overnight then I don’t think this is a good website for you.

What I find valuable from FollowtheMoney is not only the trading, but there are numerous educational videos on different topics such as the Petrodollar system. FollowtheMoney looks through the mainstream noise and tells you what you need to know and the truth about the economic outlook. What I like is that Jerry has no affiliation to any political party and tells you like it is regardless who's in the white house. 

Honestly, There is so much they offer in the memberships that it makes it hard to list everything in this review. Here is a short list of features that I personally found beneficial.  
Additional Membership Benefits.

Jerry Robinson’s weekly private group trading webinars (They are priceless and you can interact with Jerry and ask questions).
The Weekly Robinson Report. (Packed with trading ideas).
Nightly Trading Ideas. 
Multiple archived online trading courses.
22 different income strategies.  
5 Levels of Financial Freedom.
Market Barometer (When to get in and out of the market.)

Overall Thoughts

  • Trading Made Easy
  •  Long History of Market And Educational Experience 
  • Trading Software Makes Timing Trades Simple
  •  Plenty Of Trading Ideas
  •  Great Customer Service

  • YOU Have To Be Coachable
  • Emphasis On Gold Investing Might Not Appeal To All Investors

Current Membership Levels
Below is their current pricing structure. They offer 3 membership levels that provide additional benefit as you go up in price. Hands down you get a lot of information for the price and its been the best educational investment I have made yet.   For a limited time save 10% every month on any monthly plan, or save 10% every year on any annual plan. Use the the coupon code below! 
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Here are what some of their members are saying about FollowtheMoney.

Source:  FollowtheMoney.com 
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